What clients say

img_6868Laurel – I come from a dysfunctional family, suffered a brain injury 25 years ago, and left an abusive relationship of 20 years.

For over two decades I have seen numerous mental health professionals such as psychologists, neuro-psychologists, psychiatrists, counsellors, and social workers.

I attended a couple of group programs and a few private sessions, and in less than 6 months Cindy and the horses have changed my life!  I have learned strategies to manage my life which have enabled me to better cope with every day stresses, and has also had a beneficial impact on my 2 children.

I have learned ways to manage my emotions which has enabled me to initially reduce, and finally eliminate all medications.

I have gone from living in the extremes of overwhelm and depression and having nervous breakdowns every 3 months, to living a calmer life, by listening to my body.   I can now better manage my whole life in a more grounded manner.

Cindy is one of the very few, best, and skillful workers I have ever encountered.  The work she does I believe, can cure the world of all its trauma and pain.  I recommend her and her horses with my highest regard and from my entire heart and soul!  ~ Laurel

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Kim – I can’t thank yoimg_6699u and your wonderful horses enough. After being diagnosed first with depression, then bipolar, anxiety, and borderline personality disorder, I thought my life was over.  I am a wife and mother of three and most of my children’s lives have been overshadowed by my illnesses.

Then I found you. I cannot emphasize enough the improvement I have seen in myself, and others have seen it too.  For over 25 years I have been under the care of five different psychiatrists – all concentrating on my mind and treating the symptoms rather than letting me feel them. Your gentle and compassionate approach is a welcome change from the conventional approach which only concentrates on the mind, and I immediately began to feel better.

We are more than our heads.  Our emotions, good, bad and ugly are held in our bodies. We have butterflies in our stomach, a broken heart, a tightness in our chest. Slowly and gently you have helped me release a lot of my past hurts and anger, and helped me understand myself better.

I was unable to go to the supermarket on my own, but last week on Wednesday 29th of June, after only 10 sessions with you, I went out and shopped on my own. This morning Sunday 3rd of July I went to church on my own.  This is the first time in over a year.  I even had conversations with people I hadn’t seen for a long time and it felt great!

Thank you doesn’t seem enough!  Slowly my life is coming back to me.

Cindy, you and your horses are amazing.

Thank you again, Kim

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DSC00624.JPGKay – I have been busy packing the house this month to get ready to go off grid which prompted me to reflect on my last couple of years.  Once again I realized how empowering the equine program has been for me.  The experience continued to guide me long after finishing the program.  I am actually scared to think how things would have turned out if I didn’t do the program.  It was eye opening, and certainly was the beginning of my real life journey.  All the positive things, opportunities, and achievements that have fallen in front of me in the last few years was thanks to you and your horses’ guidance.  Thank you,  Kay