Contact me if you have any questions or wish to book a session.

Face-to-face sessions are offered on weekday mornings

For face-to-face sessions, we work weekdays – in the mornings to fit in with the natural rhythms and daily routine of the horses.

Skype sessions are offered during weekday afternoons

Once you have had 3 or more face-to-face sessions, you may choose to meet via Skype if timing and distance is difficult for you.  By this time, you will understand the process, and we can work effectively via Skype.  It is recommended, however that you have as many face-to-face sessions as possible – as the horses accelerate, support, and contain our work together.

Single unlocking session

Cost:  $130
Duration:  1.0 hours

Subsequent face-to-face sessions:  For stabilisation (approximately 5 sessions) and developing resilience (approximately 10 sessions)

Cost: $130
Duration:  1 hour
Recommended interval:  1-2 weeks (but can be closer together; even daily)

Subsequent Skype sessions

Cost: $130
Duration:  1 hour

Payment method

We do not have credit card facilities, so payment by cash, cheque, or bank transfer would be appreciated.