Welcome!  Chances are you are here because you have tried ‘everything’ to find relief from the debilitating conditions that may be the result of chronic stress, trauma, or overwhelming events.  Or you may have heard that horses have an amazing capacity to facilitate our journey back to well-being.

Stress and trauma are not actually the events themselves, but the impact they have on the body – they activate a cycle of survival, or self-protective responses that don’t switch off, and result in a dysregulated nervous system. Since the nervous system controls every part of our bodies – including and especially our brains, we need it working efficiently for optimal mental, physical, and emotional health.

When your body’s survival cycle is continuously activated – your brain is also flooded with chemicals that cause it to seem foggy and conventional talk-therapies are therefore not very helpful. We must first release some of the discordant energy and restore balance to the nervous system.

Restoring your mental, emotional and physical well-being
from the debilitating effects of stress and trauma starts with the body

Our SEhorse method

  1. We work with your nervous system to bring it back into balance, and gently release the bound energies of stress and trauma
  2. You learn life skills to increase your resilience to daily stresses and maintain a healthy, regulated nervous system
  3. The horses provide a therapeutic presence and intentionally co-regulate your nervous system with theirs to keep it within its range of tolerance (to maintain a sense of safety and comfort)
  4. As balance and vitality are restored, and fragmented parts of yourself are re-integrated, your mind becomes clearer.  We support the final steps as you create new meaning, update beliefs, and navigate changes that come with a new perspective.

What next?

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