About me

CindyHi!  My name is Cindy Jacobs.  Here is a brief summary of my journey and how SEhorse came about.

I have always had a calling to work with people who were going through difficult times.  My corporate work revolved around supporting people through significant workplace changes and my team and I were often the buffer between executive management and the workforce.  Change combined with uncertainty can evoke high stress and fear, and this was our constant adversary.

After 15 years of working in this environment, I moved to the country with my partner, but continued to work part time as an executive coach – working with leaders to balance their role of supporting and leading others with their own personal challenges.

Since I had more time to spend with my horses, I noticed Cindy and DJsimilarities between being a leader of my herd, and the leadership issues my clients grappled with.  I discovered that horses look for the same qualities in leaders that we do – honesty, fairness, respect, compassion, authenticity, transparency, consistency, clear communication, presence, humility, integrity, accountability, and wisdom. Curious about what horses can teach us about leadership (and being a better human) I traveled to the U.S. to to learn more.

I began running equine programs for corporate groups, and was often asked to facilitate private sessions.  I noticed that the horses created a safe space for people to unravel their stories, and they often went very deep, very fast.  While the horses did most of the work, I realised I needed to be better prepared to support both the clients and the horses.

I became a transpersonal counsellor and Somatic Experiencing® practitioner.  As I integrated the principles and processes of SE™, the clients became more empowered, and the horses began to work at a deeper, energetic level, all with greater ease.

I saw how the horses support the deep and profound work of SE™, and how the unique approach of transpersonal counselling helps people to navigating changes that come with a new perspective.  As a result, I developed the SEhorse trauma resolution method.

SOME OF MY formal qualificationsP8210024.JPG

  • Advanced Diploma of Transpersonal Counselling
  • BA Sociology at Western Illinois University
  • EAGALA Advanced Practioner
  • mBIT Certified Coach
  • Executive Coach certified with Australian Institute of Executive Coaching
  • Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner

A FEW THINGs I’ve done

  • Founded and managed a consulting business in change management
  • Free lance executive coach
  • Facilitator in Courageous Conversations (based on Nonviolent Communication)
  • Facilitator in meditation programs in rural men’s prisons
  • Founder of Free Rein Australia that runs equine experiential learning programs and offers private coaching
  • Co-founder of Centre for Equine Experiential Learning that offers regular training programs for people who want to become equine experiential learning facilitators

A FEW THINGs I’m doing

  • Training people to become equine experiential learning facilitators
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Transpersonal counselling
  • Running equine experiential learning programs for groups
  • Offering private SEhorse trauma resolution sessions
  • Offering private equine experiential coaching sessions


Phone:  0411 593 369