Preparing for your session

You may notice that once you have made a commitment to attend a session with the horses, that they come into your awareness more. Whatever your reason is for attending, your session with the horses has already begun.

What to wear: The session will be conducted outdoors, and you may experience changes in weather condition even within an hour.  Dress for the temperature/weather, and we suggest you:

  • Wear layers
  • Wear clothing appropriate for the weather (in summer wear light coloured clothing – for your comfort in the sun; in winter wear layers and something watererproof if the forecast is for showers)
  • Avoid heavy scented personal care products such as perfume, essential oils, cologne, etc.
  • Wear closed, flat, sturdy shoes or boots

 Allergies:   People with allergies may wish to take/bring appropriate medication.

Hydration: Please bring a water bottle so you can stay hydrated.



150 Larcombes Road, ModewarreIMG_0838
Phone:  0411 593 369

Note: We are located opposite The Brown Magpie Winery, and you will recognise us by our big grey sheds.

Reschedule:  We are located in a fire-prone area, and in the event that the temperature or weather is extreme, the session may be rescheduled. Other weather conditions such as gale force wind or heavy rain may also necessitate a reschedule.  You will be notified 24 hours before the session if it needs to be rescheduled.

Please ensure that we have your mobile phone number or some number that we can contact you.

Feeling tired after your session: be aware that you may become tired soon after your session. We recommend that you plan to have a hot drink and something to eat afterwards. If possible, you may wish to bring someone with you who can drive you home.