Resilience Program for Animal Advocates

April 1, 2017  10:00am – 12:30 pm

Restore your resilience with the support of horses

Healing with AnjiiAnimal activists are always at risk of vicarious trauma. This is the type of trauma one experiences when exposed to violence or the suffering of others. It is characterized by a profound sense of helplessness, and for animal activists it is usually underpinned by the difficult emotions of anger and guilt. Unless it is ‘processed,’ it accumulates, and can have a devastating affect over time on one’s well-being that may show up as burnout, depression, anxiety, illness (mental and/or physical), and disease.

Since all traumas – whether physical, mental, or emotional – happen in the body, they need to be released from the body. This is why distracting ourselves, or reasoning, analysing, or even emotional ‘outbursts’ of tears or anger do not clear the residual, cumulative effect of trauma.

We can learn how to clear our traumas so that we can remain focused, healthy, and resilient

Based on the life work of Dr. Peter Levine, through his observations of animals in the wild, we can learn to allow and support our bodies to release the effects of trauma. In our program, the horses instinctively support the needs of our nervous systems to safely release the residual energies of trauma.

In this program you will:Reflection

  • Learn how vicarious trauma affects your body
  • Learn skills to process difficult experiences
  • Experience the therapeutic healing of the horses
  • Experience a sense of well-being

Date: April 1, 2017
Time: 10:00am – 12:30 pm
Location:  231 Grossmans Road, Torquay, Victoria
Vegan morning tea provided
Cost: $20 pp

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Resilience Program for Animal Advocates Flyer

Numbers are limited to ensure your safety and optimum learning experience.  The program will be conducted outdoors, and in the event of extreme weather conditions it may need to be rescheduled – your contact details are essential.  Payment can be made on the day.

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On receipt of your registration we will forward information to help you prepare for the program.  Payment can be made on the day.  If you are unable to attend after we have received your registration, please let us know so we can allocate your space.