SEhorse method

The SEhorse trauma resolution method blends the powerful processes of Somatic Experiencing® (SE™), equine therapy, and transpersonal counselling which –

  • restores equilibrium to your nervous system
  • teaches you how to develop greater resilience
  • guides the release of incomplete, self-protective responses and emotions
  • is accelerated by the intentional support of the horses, and
  • facilitates new meaning from a higher more integrated perspective.

Somatic Experiencing® – restores balance to your nervous system (usually experienced as relief, lightness, feeling more present and grounded, and an overall sense of well-being), and facilitates the biological completion of unresolved stress and overwhelming experiences – which addresses the root cause of stress, trauma symptoms, and many mental and physical health disorders.   Learn more about Somatic Experiencing®

Equine therapy – (our version) supports DSC00624.JPGand accelerates the return of equilibrium and sense of well-being.  Discordant energy that cannot be easily felt by us can be detected by the horses – who target this energy and facilitate its release and transformation.  They seem to know our nervous systems’ tolerance for stress – often better than we do – and will work within this range.

Trauma usually involves a breakdown of boundaries and horses help to restore healthy boundaries and will also provide corrective experiences of relationship, connection and attunement.  Learn more about how horses work with us

Transpersonal counselling – supports the re-negotiation and resolution of trauma through new insight and meaning-making that involves the whole being.  It can be distinguished from many other forms of counselling by its attendance to the spiritual dimension of life. While it includes the spiritual domain, this is not exclusive of the other elements of human experience. It is a holistic approach that values the entire person and is concerned with developing our fullest potential as human beings.

With trauma, chronic stress, and unresolved overwhelming emotions, we fragment ourselves in order to cope.  This is also known as dissociation.  As we restore balance and regulation to our bodies, they become more ‘inhabitable’ and we can then gently bring the fragmented parts of ourselves back.  From a place of wholeness, we  experience ourselves differently – often our beliefs and preferences change.  A transpersonal counselling approach helps you adapt to this new wholeness and supports you to make beneficial changes in your life.

Elements of our approach

Education – learn how your body responds to stress and trauma and why/how post traumatic stress develops
Practice – learn skills and processes for developing resilience and self-regulation
Release – gently release unresolved survival energy bound in the body
– develop the capacity to feel the wide and sometimes subtle range of sensations, energy and aliveness
Engage – connect with the horses in specific ways to soothe, regulate, and attune your nervous system to its normal rhythm
Experience – a sense of well-being
Re-discover – your sense of Self

SEhorse sessions support relief from the following conditions (and others)

  • Stress
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Chronic stress
  • Feelings of dread or fear
  • PTSD
  • Shame
  • Adrenal fatigue
  • Brain fog
  • Undiagnosed, persistent pain or restrictive movement
  • Lack of vitality or numbness
  • Emotional dysregulation (eg hypersensitivity, over-reactiveness)
  • Physical, mental, emotional flashbacks
  • Repeated falls or auto accidents
  • Relationship and relating issues

Benefits of the SEhorse method

  • Restore balance to your nervous system
  • Clear unresolved emotions and learn ways to experience emotions and sensations without feeling overwhelmed
  • Feel more in control and able to manage stress
  • Resolve your trauma
  • Make new meaning from your experiences
  • Develop greater resilience for life’s challenges
  • As you change, we help you navigate changes in your life and relationships


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